How to get started with Coinbase Advance Trade on the Coinbase app?

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Coinbase Advance Trade is a feature available to Coinbase Pro users that offers advanced trading tools such as market, limit, and stop orders, as well as real-time market data, charting, and analytics to help traders make informed decisions.

In the world of crypto exchanges, the reason why Coinbase shines bright is because of the features and facilities it offers to its users. The best part of using Coinbase is that it can easily be used through the web as well as the app version. But, a few months ago, one of the features got introduced to the platform. Yes, we are talking about Coinbase Advanced Trade.

Well, this is an additional feature that allows you to make sure that you are able to use all the functions of the Coinbase Pro. This platform not only helps you make smarter trading moves but also helps you in the long run. So, if you were planning to use Coinbase Pro, then you can surely use this platform under its new name i.e. Coinbase Advanced Trade.

But, you might be having some questions in your mind. And the first question that you might have is how to get started with it. Well, the short answer is- you can refer to the guidelines stated below.

Setting up an account to use Coinbase Advanced Trade 

If you are not aware, let me tell you that the Advanced Trade functionality can easily be accessed via the Coinbase exchange. So, to use it, you need to set up an account on Coinbase itself. Here are the stepwise guidelines you can follow to help yourself:

  1. Begin the process by navigating to the official website
  2. Then, select the "Sign Up" or "Get Started" button
  3. After that, you can fill out the given form with your personal and other details
  4. Soon after that, provide some more details and then upload a photo ID
  5. Following this, you can link up a new payment method to start your first crypto purchase

Want to know how to access the Advanced Trade feature after setting up your account? If yes, then you can refer to the steps below.

Accessing the Coinbase Advanced Trade page 

  1. Here, your first step would be to access the Coinbase login page
  2. In it, you can enter your login credentials to access your account
  3. Right after that, spot the "Trade" tab and then click to open it
  4. After opening the tab, select the "Advanced Trade" option
  5. And you're done.

You have successfully accessed the Advanced Trade tab on Coinbase.


Using the Coinbase Advanced Trade tab comes with so many features and functionalities. You can easily access the platform as explained above. Once you have created your access to the platform, you can easily use the trading API, advanced trading charts, and much more. And the best part about using this platform is that you do not have to pay a higher fee for transacting on it.